Facebook is testing a downvote button (not dislike) for comments


Facebook, the world’s mostly used social network is finally bringing a downvote button for at least comments at first. But, don’t get puzzled with it as a dislike button, because it is not. Confused? So, are we.

Image Source: TechCrunch

The new Facebook downvote button is currently only rolled out to 5% of Android Users in the US who have set English as their language. This was confirmed by Facebook to TechCrunch. Now, what does this new downvote button in Facebook does? Well, it is basically the same report option which is available since the beginning. Tapping on the downvote button will ask the users to report that comment as “Offensive”, “Misleading” or “Off Topic”.

Now, you might ask that what is the use of this new button if it can’t dislike a comment or post. Well, its not going to happen anytime soon as back in 2015, Mark Zuckerberg himself told that the people at Facebook don’t want to turn their social network into forum where people vote up or down on others posts.

Moving on, if you are not aware of, Facebook has announced last month that they will be improving their network as we all know that Facebook is messed up than any other bigger platform. And hence, don’t forget to comment your opinions on Facebook below.


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