Clueful App Review : Get your Privacy Tight


Clueful is a free app available on the Google play Store, and it is developed by Bitdefender. This app is developed to keep you informed about various app permissions that the other running apps on your device have, by classifying them by risk and then giving you an total privacy score. Simply, the better you score the more secure you are.

clueful app review

Simple Interface:

As you launch the app it quickly takes a look at all the apps and their permissions and feeds you right away with your privacy score. There is a button on the top that allows you to filter all the apps by specific types of risks, may it be viruses, malwares etc. And also you can sort the apps by the degree of risk they offer, from the button at the bottom of the screen.

Now the real application of this app comes when you have a look at each and every app and view details about it. Where this app provides “clues” about why this app is dangerous and what might this app be doing in the background. You could straight away remove the app, by tapping on the uninstall button. Also to list one, did you know that Polaris Office could make calls and send SMS through your device, it has the access to those permissions, while the messaging apps like Viber do require a permission, but still our CLueful genius lists them as potentially dangerous. Whenever you install a risky and suspicious app, you would get a notification from the app in the notification panel.

Gets you in a Dilemma:

However while using this app user really faces a dilemma so as to should he keep that app or simply uninstall it, as the Clueful suggests. The reasons this app lists sometimes are quite inadeqaute for you to uninstall the app. If it founds that any app has the reasons to read your Contacts, it is potentially dangerous, while in some cases like Whatsapp this permission is necessary to make the user experience better and the core functioning of the app. While in some rare cases this might not be needed and then you could say that the app is risky or things like that.

So in a nutshell the app really fetches all the data about any app running on your device, the permissions it has, and what all is under the hood that you never know. So if you find any app to be too dangerous or risky, hit that uninstall button right away.

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