Request An Invite for New and Updated Google Maps


Google yesterday at I/O announced and released the redesigned maps which have a bunch of new features. So Google won’t make you wait too longer to use it. You could use it by this summer. And also as a leisure Google has made a page to request an invite for using the beta version of the Maps , before they are finally released.

new google maps

It has a new user interface that focuses on the amp itself.The imagery is slightly touched and is completely vector based now. The Google maps claim that they would get more better, as it would gross and refine itself as the users uses it, by using personal data, and hence personalizing the maps. Which is expected to be off great significance.

Moreover by just tapping on a point, would make a short note to appear. It would list you options like Street View, Photos submitted by users, 3D images and it is taken directly from Google Earth. So request Google to send you a invite to use the Beta version of Maps as soon it is out. Check our Hands On of New Google Maps.

Request An Invite.


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