WhatsApp Android Beta gets a new update with Mention Badge and Mute Video features


WhatsApp is currently rolling out a new feature update for its users. However, the new features are added only to WhatsApp for Android Beta v2.21.3.12 users. After further refinement, the users would be able to enjoy these features on the stable build.

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According to WABetaInfo, some of the new features added to the WhatsApp Android Beta includes a new mention badge, and mute videos before sharing to a contact. It also includes some default stickers named Taters and Tots.

WhatsApp Beta Update Changelog

Mention Badge

Among other new features, the mention badge is very helpful, especially for users having many WhatsApp groups. Suppose a person is muted on WhatsApp by a user and the person mentions the user in a WhatsApp group chat then the mention is not shown to the user. If the user wants to know where he was mentioned, they need to check manually each and every group chat. For unmuted persons in a group, WhatsApp already mentioned a marker easier to track where the user was tagged or mentioned

Now, the new update of WhatsApp Android Beta includes a marker ‘@’ where the user is tagged or mentioned even for muted groups. This feature makes the WhatsApp users track their conversations easier and faster. According to WABetaInfo, the new feature was already around a few users but was not successful for all. So, this update would fix the issues for such users and will be available for everyone soon.

Mute Video

The second new feature of Whatsapp Android Beta is muting videos before sending them to other contacts. This feature can be a nifty one as it will be easier to remove unwanted music or sound.

Steps to become a WhatsApp Beta user?

To become a Whatsapp Beta user, you can navigate to Play Store> WhatsApp> at the bottom side you can see for developers then select the option ‘become a beta tester’.

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