Google IO 2016 is over and here we are going to show you the 16 Amazing things which includes, Softwares, Apps and Services. The list is quite wonderful as like of products.

Google has launched many apps and things at Google 2016. It started like this – On 18th May, Google started its Keynote of IO16 and Sundar Pichai took the stage.

As after initial Welcome, Sundar Started giving metrics about how Google is working and what they have achieved and did in the last one year. The first thing we came to know is as follow:

Google Assistant

Google Assistant is Google’s move to make its user experience an ongoing conversation. It’s a natural extension of Google Now, supporting continuous conversations that provide a new generation of search. There lot more things that Google has done, now voice can search your query in noisy environment. Also it will provide in depth and incontext search results.


Google Home

Google Home is here to Rival of Amazon Echo at Google I/O 2016. This is the company’s answer to the online retailer’s Echo line that allows you to get a hand from Alexa with a range of different daily tasks. Google Home also works with Virtual Assistant which can take your voice commands and execute them.

Android Instant Apps

Google launched its new project called Android Instant Apps which runs instantly without installing which provides the people with a wider range of Apps. Android Instant Apps will be available to all phones running Android 4.2 or later and via an update to the Google Play Services software coming “later this year,” will attempt to bridge that gap. Instant Apps are designed to provide the richer, Android-native experience of an app combined with the convenience and the lower data and storage usage of a mobile website.

Android Wear 2.0

Android Wear 2.0 includes the features like Handwriting recognition and inbox style replies, Automatic activity tracking to enhance the Fitness related date and most importantly the Standalone App support.


Daydream VR Platform

The Daydream kit is meant to bridge the gap between Cardboard and the more expensive stuff like HTC Vive and Oculus. The controller, for instance, allows for calls to action and navigation but it won’t give the full-on “squeeze and pick things up” that comes with the high-end stuff.

Android N

  • Instant Apps automatically loads a chunk of an app, no visit to the Play Store required.
  • Android N is more Stable and Optimised
  • 75% faster app installation
  • Android N apps will consume 50% less space than before
  • Better multi-window and actionable notifications
  • 48 More Changes and more..
  • More detailed article on Android N is Coming


Allo and Duo Apps

First i will tell you about Allo it is the smart messaging app which learns over the time and make your conversation easy. It uses the Google’s New Assistant technology in your conversation with friends. Now coming to Duo it is a fast one-to-one video calling app for everyone—whether you’re on Android or iOS, a fast or slow connection, in New York or New Delhi. Like Allo, Duo is based on your phone number, allowing you to reach anyone in your phonebook. And its simple interface fades away when you’re in a call, so it’s just the two of you. Moreover, it will provide you the video feed of your friend before you picked up the call. Now both the apps Allo and Duo are up for registration on Play Store.

Google Keyboard 5.1

After installing Google Keyboard 5.1, you can have 13 different colors themes for Android Keyboard. There major two features that are enabled in Google Keyboard 5.1 are Emojis and Themes.

YouTube VR App

Google has announced the YouTube VR App for Google’s Daydream VR platform which is announced in KeyNote at Day 1 of Google I/O 2016. Although YouTube is giving various new video and audio formats on YouTube like 360-degree video, VR video and Spatial Audio.


Chromebook Android Apps Support

Chromebooks can enjoy the Android Apps on them Using Google Play Access. Google just spent a special session here at I/O. Google has fully showed the way to developers on how they can use their Android Apps to run on Chromebooks.

Android Auto

Android Auto also gained the fair share of the attention. As Android Auto announced the Update which includes Waze Support which helps you to navigate in traffic better, Wireless Support and Voice activation improvement with “OK Google”.

Science Journal App

Science Journal App it gathers data from your smartphone’s sensors or compatible external sensors like ambient light sensor, the microphone, or the motion sensor, and data will be gathered automatically and in real-time by your phone and plotted on nice graphs for you.

Project Soli

Google’s Project Soli is having a radar Technology which enables new types of Touchless interactions with your devices. Currently they will first start inserting this chip into the wearable like smartwatches and other Digital Devices later on. Today Google unveils the new chip with the demonstration on smartwatch.


Project Ara

Project Ara is still alive and Google even made two announcements on Ara i.e Developer Edition will be out sometime in the fourth quarter of 2016. Moreover, the Project Ara modular smartphone will be available for consumers in 2017.


Google Play Family Library

The Google Play Family Library, which recently got detailed in the documents. As per them the Google Play Family Library allows a family having various smart devices to share the content in whatever way they want.

This was all from the 15 Amazing things launched at Google IO 2016.

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