Corning has recently announced its next generation Glass i.e. Corning Gorilla Glass 5. Gorilla Glass5 is more harder, better & stronger now you phone’s display can survive a 1.6-meter drop (about 5 feet, 4 inches) on its face around 80 percent of the time. Now here we will describe all differences between Gorilla Glass 4 and Gorilla Glass 5, we can also say improvements in Gorilla Glass 5.

Gorilla Glass 4 Vs Gorilla Glass 5

According to the reports of over 85% of smartphone owners have dropped their phones at least once per year and 55% of have dropped their phones three times or more. So there is very high demand of the screen protector glass in the market. We here try to tell you the basic differences on some key points between Gorilla Glass 4 and Glass 5. However, Gorilla Glass 5 is almost 50% harder and durable than its previous Generation of Glass i.e. Gorilla Glass 4. Corning has taken cover glass technology to new levels with each generation of the glass. Gorilla Glass 5 can survive a fall onto rough surfaces from 1.6 m (5.2 ft) where as Gorilla Glass 4 can survive a fall onto rough surfaces from maximum of 1 m (3.3 ft). Both these glass get the 80% success rate at these heights.

Major Points On Which Gorilla Glass 4 is differentiated with Gorilla Glass 5:

  • Youthful Modulus – How “hardened” is the material, the higher the worth the stiffer, yet the exchange off of this is increment in fragility.
  • Poisson Ratio – the hub anxiety of the material when it is pulled or pushed. Envision extending a bit of air pocket gum — the focal point of it will get to be more slender.
  • Shear Modulus – characterizes the material’s reaction to shearing push or shear pressure, an essential variable in terms of keeping splits from shaping.
  • Break Toughness – estimation of the material’s imperviousness to split spread.
Gorilla Glass 5 Vs Gorilla Glass 4
Gorilla Glass 5 Vs Gorilla Glass 4- in Properties

Corning has done many tests on its New Gorilla Glass 5, one of them is they put the glass into a “hot bath of molten salt” that heats up to 752 degrees Fahrenheit. The process causes sodium ions to leave the glass, and potassium ions from the salt bath replace them. Because potassium ions are larger, they produce a “layer of compressive stress” deep inside the glass that resists damage.

teststest2The Trade off

Gorilla Glass 4 Vs Gorilla Glass 5All the Major manufacturers in the smartphone industry, namely Apple, Samsung, Sony HTC, OnePlus , Huawei, etc use Coring Gorilla Glass as the protector Glass on the display. Corning Gorilla Glass has been designed into more than 4.5 Billion devices worldwide, approximately 73% of the Devices in World. The Reason behind is that its damage resistance helps devices withstand everyday wear and tear. Its scratch resistance is superior to plastic and other competitive glasses. Its outstanding optical clarity ensures videos and photos look crisp and clear. And its touch sensitivity is ideal for constant texting, swiping and interacting. Moreover, we can see the Gorilla Glass 5 in the new Galaxy Note 7 which is up for launch on 2nd of August.

Why to use with Gorilla Glass?

The main reason behind the use of protective glass is that according to various reports about 85% of people  drop their phone once or twice a year. After they drop their phones almost 80% people survived these drops because all the major companies are using Corning Gorilla Glass. Gorilla Glass is best among all its competitors and it is more durable than others.

Stay Tuned to this article when there will be some more official information about Gorilla Glass 5 we will update this article than.


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