HTC is once again in troubled waters, you guys can ask when did they came out of troubled waters? Well, this time HTC’s Financial report is the worst as compared to the quarters in the past few years.

Latestly HTC managed to rake up only $434 Million in Q1 2016 which is 64% low as compared to last quarter of the year. Earlier it was said that HTC One A9 is performing well and can let HTC come out of the troubles. Later, it didn’t added capital to the HTC’s treasure and company is still lurking in between.

If we compare HTC with Smasung than Korean Giant is way ahead in terms of earnings. This quarter Smasung took 42 Billion in sales but HTC is much behind of that figure. But before comparing do remember HTC deals in Consumer products only and that too is mostly based on mobile on the the other hand Smasung is involved everywhere.

After few days from now, HTC is coming up with HTC 10 which is the new flagship with something different as quoted by company in few teasers.

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