Malware Infects Android Device Just By Visiting a Website


Here’s a new Android malware which gets your phone infected just by visiting a website. Malware has already infected various Android devices including phablets, tablets and phones.

Security firm Blue Coat Systems has taken down another form of Malware which can prune into your phone by just visiting a site. This time the malware doesn’t need any app to get installed on your phone for infecting your files. It just needs a browser and a dummy website opened. Particularly, the website name is not disclosed, but we can say it is some Porn website.

There are some points that Security agency has pointed out:

  • The ransomware, which labels itself Cyber.Police, resembles several older, pre-cryptographic ransomware families.  It presents itself as a sort of law enforcement or intelligence agency intervention into your browsing habandroid malware ransomwareits. The purveyor of the scam claims to be the “American national security agency” or “Nation security agency” (sic).
  • The ransomware doesn’t threaten to (or actually) encrypt the victim’s data.  Rather, the device is held in a locked state where it cannot be used for anything other than delivering payment to the criminals in the form of two $100 Apple iTunes gift card codes.
  • Users need only to visit a website with the code once and the malware may find itself on their phone without doing anything else.
  • The malware can be removed with a factory reset and won’t persist.

You can read the full report over the source below. We can say be alert on what you are surfing and learn on how to save data before getting into the stuff like this.

Share your views about this new type of malware.

Source: BlueCoat

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