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Tips To Travel Smartly With Google Maps

Tips To Travel Smartly With Google Maps

In just a decade, technology has advanced so much that now we don’t have to pay for GPS in our rented cars. Now, free navigation is available from none other than Google itself in the form of Google Maps.


Google Maps, introduced around a decade ago, has got a place in almost every Android and Non Android device. Nowadays, Google Maps can provide you with any direction, restaurant, fuel stations, cinema halls and lot more stuff. You can even spot the high traffic roads and what route to take to avoid tolls and traffic. Google Maps is a handy tool to travel smartly without any glitches.

There’s much more that we can do with Google Maps. Here are some tips you can follow to travel smartly with Google Maps:

Offline Maps

Offline maps are one of the best features that Google Maps Offer. While traveling we usually have problems with our data connection. To overcome this we can save Google Maps of particular region so that we can access it without internet connection.

By the mid of 2012 Google embedded Offline Maps feature into Google Maps. So, next time whenever you travel save Offline Maps in your Google Maps app. You can do so by simply tapping the hamburger button in the upper left of the Google Maps screen. Select the Offline areas. Finally, to add it in your local storage just tap on the plus button in the bottom. You can zoom in zoom out, drag the map to select the area to download the Offline maps of it.

Save Important Places

You can save important places with just a tap. While traveling, we usually encounter lot of places of interest. But after a trip we forget to checkout those places. To solve this problem you can save important places on your maps. You need to follow the steps below to save the location:

  1. Tap on the location on the map.
  2. A popup will appear from the bottom, touch it and press save.

Avoid Highways and Tolls

Google Maps not only provides information, it also makes the information usable by applying proper metrics and algorithms. Ultimately, it gives us option to avoid tolls and highways. Whether you want to avoid tolls, highways and traffic or all of them, select the required option and you are good to go!

Train and Bus Schedules

This is a useful feature that Google added a couple of years ago. It provides you with information like Train and Bus schedules on a selected location (from your present location to desired location). It will also provide you with the departure times and fares.


Google Maps help travelers allowing them to skim through the places at the tip of fingers, checkout pictures, and read reviews as well. You can also check nearby attractions and find all places of interest. You can effortlessly search for the things you might require during your journey and pin the locations.

Multiple Stops

You can add multiple stops in a single journey. Google Maps will take Multiple Locations as input and will give you a full plan on how you can travel between these locations.

Find ATMs, Restaurants and others

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So, download the Google Maps app for a comfortable journey right away and keep Couponraja coupons handy to make travelling easy on pockets.


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