Well, it’s 2018 and it can be termed as the year of AI – Artificial Intelligence. It can be termed as year of small size and big displays with AI involved in your daily use devices. There are many more possibilities of rths year. Will, Google Assistant is also here with its offerings in different fields. Recently, at CES 2018 in las Vegas, many products from smart speakers to smart displays, TVs are using the Google Assistant. Even it has entered into the Android Auto.

Google-Assistant 2018

What’s there at CES 2018 for Google Assistant ?

Recently, we JBL launched smart headphones with Google Assistant support. Even LG is not far behind in using the Google Assistant capabilities in their products. They have announced ThinkQ Smart Speaker with Google Assistant to be introduced at CES 2018.

What Google Assistant can Do for you ?

In order to unleash its full potential, we should know what it can do ? and how to use it ? and what are the all commands that we can use? Well, in order to ease out all these issues, Google has made a directory full of the Actions that Google Assistant can perform. So, over all you can now know What Google Assistant can do for you?

Google Assistant Actions Directory

Google has laucnhed a whole directory for Actions that Google Assistant can perform on different products. You can easily know what kind of products can perform the what kind of actions on Google Assistant.

Even you can easily get to know about actions on the basis of activity. For example you can know what you can do with Play Music Action.

Well, it’s a welcome move from Google to make a directory of Actions.

You can Access the Google Assistant Actions Directory from the source below.


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