Google Now Gets Updated, Adds Explore Now Option


With each passing day, technology is evolving and when it comes to Android, Google is the one to thank. Google not only gave us Android, but laced it with additional features like Google Now and it doesn’t just stop at that. Google Now has been constantly improving and with the latest update come a whole lot of new features.

The latest update to Google Now will come with an “Explore Now” option which will allow you to add things that interest you to the Google Now list. This means stories related to the topic of your interest will show up as Google Now card.

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This means that instead of having to Google about topics that interest you, you can now just add them into your “Explore Now” list and any news related to them will pop up in your smartphone as a Google Now card. Going by the leaked photos, some common topics that you can add include People, Sports, TV, Movies, Musicians, and Stocks.

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