Xiaomi Rolling out Update to Fix the WiFi issues on Mi Max


As Mi Max Users are complaining about the WiFi connectivity issues. To address this issue Xiaomi is currently rolling an OTA update on Mi Max. However, Earlier Xiaomi doesn’t officially acknowledge the problem on this device.

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Xiaomi Mi Max is launched in India last month. It is a highly anticipated device of the company and its sales are also pretty good. But it is said that people who have baught this device in the first week of August facing the WiFi connectivity issues where as people you buy Mi Max in July doesn’t have any problem related to WiFi connectivity. Moreover, the update which is released today will fix the WiFi issue and people who doesn’t have any problem related to WiFi can update their device with this .

Xiaomi has given four ways to update your device. 

  1. You can update your device from the updater app.
  2. Download the OTA zip and follow the instructions below.
    • Connect your device to Windows PC
    • Copy the downloaded OTA zip file
    • Paste it to root directory of your device’s Internal Storage .
    • Unplug the device from PC
    •  Open Tools folder from homescreen and select Updater App
    •  Click on the menu button on top right, the ” three dots button “
    •  Click “Choose Update package 
    • Browse to the OTA ZIP which you copied to your internal storage.
    •  It will then ask to reboot to Flash Update the ROM
  3. The advance users can update their device via recovery or Fastboot.
  4. Go to the Mi Exclusive Service centers and have it fixed there.


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