AOKP: ICS now available for the Motorola XOOM

For those of you who prefer your developer devices in tablet form, an Ice Cream Sandwich build for the href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”Motorola Xoom”>Motorola XOOM is now available. Download the unicorn-themed ROM at your leisure, remembering of course that your warranty is gone like the promises of a thousand smiling politicians.

AOKP is similar to href=”” rel=”homepage” target=”_blank” title=”CyanogenMod”>CyanogenMod, while having a distinct set of features and quirks

  • built from AOSP — using 4.0.3 
  • power menu (source
  • ICS style toggles 
  • superuser & busybox built from source, included 
  • deodexed & unsecure boot.img (for adb remount) 
  • Facebook contact sync

  1. ROM Control application lets you take control of your ROM. Customize it how you want it.
  2. Navigation Bar options & layouts (search bar layout, menu visibility options,etc) — long press search button enabled
  3. IME Switcher toggle (show/hide notification when you type)
  4. Customize your carrier label
  5. Override lockscreen timeout (ie, use Android’s timeout when turning the phone off, so it won’t lock itself)
  6. LED pulse timing options
  7. Statusbar toggle options
  8. much much more in there
  • battery mods built in (including circle mod) 
  • Unique Power Saver functionality
  1. Turn data off while your screen is off (GSM phones can switch to 2G)
  2. manually sync at a time interval for all your accounts (Gmail, etc)
  3. Check out all the options in ROM Control

To flash AOKP, just download the ROM from the primary RootzWiki thread, reboot into a custom recovery (Assuming that you’re already rooted and all that jazz), wipe your current software and flash it in the normal fashion.

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