How to Get Google Gemini App work on Android across the Globe (Without VPN)

Google’s Multi-Model Large Language is finally live for the Web, Android, and iOS smartphones. It is replacing the Google Assistant on Android with an update and will be made available on iOS via a Google App update. The Gemini is currently available on Android and iOS in the United States only. It will become available in the coming few days or weeks. Well, here’s a workaround that lets users get the Google Gemini App to work on Android, irrespective of the region. The workaround sans VPN dependability and works directly with a slight change in Google Assistant on Android.

how to get google gemini app work on android across the globe (without vpn)

Want to use the Google Gemini on your phone, but that pesky “country not supported” message keeps raining on your parade? Well, fret no more! Buckle up, because here’s a guide that’ll get Google’s latest language model up and running without a VPN. Gemini might not be officially available in your region, but that doesn’t mean you can’t join the party. By following these simple steps, you can get access to Gemini:

Note: Downloading apps from outside the official Play Store carries some inherent risks. Make sure you trust the source of the APK and scan it with a reputable antivirus before installing it.

Steps to Use Gemini on Android from Anywhere

Step 1: Download the Gemini APK: Get the Gemini APK from the Drive link to download the Gemini APK directly. Remember, shady downloads are a no-go, so make sure you trust the source before proceeding.

Step 2: Embrace Your Inner American (Temporarily!): This might sound strange, but trust me, it works! Head over to your Google Assistant language settings and change the language to English (United States). Don’t worry, you can switch back later; we’re just borrowing Uncle Sam’s accent for a second.

Step 3: Install the APK: On your Android device, find the downloaded APK and install it. Make sure you allow installations from unknown sources if prompted (don’t worry, this APK is safe and sound).

Enjoy Gemini: Launch the Gemini app, and voila! Now you can explore, connect, and do your Gemini things without limitations.

So there you have it, Android users! With this nifty trick, you can bypass region restrictions and enjoy the wonders of Gemini on your phone, all without needing a VPN. Now go forth and conquer the Geminiverse!


Simranpal Singh
Simranpal Singh
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