Motorola DVX Will Feature X8 Computing System With A 4.5-inch screen


We all are aware of the next Motorola Device which will be a lower cost Moto X known as the Moto DVX. As it was rumored to have colored backpanel cover and will be released by this month we have another specs allegation of the Moto DVX. While the Motorola DVX image Leakes.


Well The removable and easily switchable back covers will be again in focus for this low prices Moto X. It will also have a Card slot and is rumored to have “Non-Super-AMOLED Display”, which is a bit disappointing to the customers. Also we have the X8 computing system as in the Moto X so we can know that the device will have a dual-core Snapdragon CPU, a quad-core GPU and two low power processors for contextual features and natural language processing. And if he specs are true then the device is a bit very less than Moto X adn can be fairly priced between $190 to $250.

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