Motorola Ara: A New Concept?


We have a concept phone today, named as Motorola Ara, now this might be a reality some day and could get into your pocket. Like Phonebloks the Motorola Ara, will be having removable modules that would allow you to upgrade or even replace some parts of the phone.


This concept would make the repair and upgrading of the phone easier and also it would allow the users to customize the phone according to the needs respectively. You would have an option to choose modules that are important, and skimp out on the others.

The Motorola Ara project has been under development since a year now, so we cannot evidently say that Motorola tried it out after seeing the phonebloks video. Though Motorola will be working on the Ara project with the creator of the Phonebloks concept too.

Motorola is going to soon send invites to developers and designers to start working on modules for the Ara, and an alpha version of the Module Developer’s kit would be released in Winters.


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