[Report] Motorola DVX To Have Four Backplate Color options


VIBGYOR : Violet, Indigo, Blue, Green, Yellow, Orange and Red. Wonder why we are using these words?

motorola DVX

First it was Nokia then was Motorola and after all the iPhone. The different color variants of the same device are quite a bit popular trend this days. We had seen the power of colors and customization along with technology. Which Motorola used a lot to seduce other people. Well, we can choose over 2000+ customizations of your Moto X with Moto maker via online. An intelligent way merging beauties along with Smartness.

But there was a twist in the tale. The moto X rather than being a High-ranged phone, was debuted under mid-ranged phones as stated by Motorola. But we don’t think it’s cheap either way.

Reports suggesting that their is going to be a lil’ bro aka the lighter priced version of Moto X dubbed as Motorola DVX. But overall it is more of a unknown mystery device which is yet to get “LEAKED” in mass.

But thanks to the latest leak, we now know that Motorola DVX will at least have four options for coloured interchangeable back-plates.

We guess that Motorola wants to give their color affect to all the folks whose budget is not more than low-ranged devices. And with customization with Moto Maker like software, well it’s simply just more than awesome!

It was  Motorola Mobility CEO Dennis Woodside, who alongside revealed of a cheaper variant of Moto X in a conversation with CNET. He also stated that these phones were set to target emerging markets such as China and India. But since after than the news about the device is quite muted and not heard about.

Moto X is loaded with almost all the features, but is exclusively available to folks over US, which is a major downfall effect. So we might see a cheaper version of the device which rather being regionally specified will be available to all over the world.

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