Rumored Moto G Spotted on Motorola’s Website!


Motorola has been once again in the headlines-thanks to it’s heavily customizable: Moto X. But recently, we have been knowing about the rumored Moto G smartphone. And it didn’t took much time for getting it leaked.

Moto G

In a blunder by Motorola, Moto G has been sighted on the company website yesterday. Though it didn’t had it’s own page or somewhat, it was spotted in the navigation menu of the website. By then, it was hyper linked as which is not-accessible right now. It was later removed from the menu.

By the sighting of Moto G, it can be said for granted that the device was in works these days. Even it might have just cross the manufacturing stage, waiting for the marketing part. Also it has been months since Motorola launched a device. So to fulfill that gap, Motorola might have been thinking of it.

Also, the device is also said to be the Motorola DVX, the cheap variant of Moto X. Going with the rumors, the device is said to packs 4.5-inch display, dual-core processor based Motorola X8 chip system, dual-SIM support and Jelly Bean. Other details aren’t quite clear now.

To remind you, Motorola CEO Dennis Wood side recently stated that the next Motorola device is set to target the emerging markets.

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