Duo Camera To Be Absent in HTC One Mini 2


With its predecessor HTC One M8 gaining huge popularity owing to its great performance, a lot is expected out of HTC One Mini 2. But one thing that this younger sibling is going to be missing for sure is the Duo camera technology.


The Duo camera had earlier received mixed reviews from HTC One M8. The One Mini 2 will instead rock a 13MP sensor which has never disappointed us. The Duo camera technology uses two camera lenses: one lens processes the image while the second lens changes the focus on it.

This technology won mixed reviews and hence will be absent from the One Mini 2. This was confirmed by a press release from HTC. If @evleaks is to be believed, One Mini 2 will be available on US telecommunications giant Verizon. Will the One Mini 2 impress us even without the Duo camera? We’ll find out soon.



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