Gartner: Samsung Smartphones Sale Accounts For 40% Of Android Sales


According to recent report from Gartner 40% of All Android sales comes from Samsung Smartphone sales means four out of every ten Android smartphones comes from Samsung. In contrast, none of Samsung’s competitors managed to top 10 percent of Android smartphone sales. Samsung‘s 38 million smartphone units figure is a 25.9% year over year improvement from Q1 2011. Altogether Android makes up a 56% share of the world’s smartphones, according to Gartner’s estimates.

“This is particularly true for smartphones based on the Android OS, where a strong commoditization trend is at work and most players are finding it hard to break the [mold],” Anshul Gupta, a Gartner principal research analyst, said in the report.

Additionally, Gartner added, “On top of the sales through official carriers’ channels, there was an increase in transshipments from Hong Kong, where volume has been growing over the past year, to reach a sell-in of more than 3 million units.”

Microsoft arrived at sixth place with 1.9% sales market share, behind the Symbian (8.6% sales market share), Research In Motion (6.9%) and Bada (2.7%) operating systems.

Source: BetaNews


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