How To Get Android 5.0 Look On Any Android Device ?

lollipop visualization

After several rumors, Google launched Android 5.0 along with Nexus 6 and Nexus 9 devices. Further, after launching Android 5.0, Google made AOSP code available after a month. Earlier, it was expected that Google was going to launch it at Google IO 2014, but there, Google, just previewed it. After the preview many apps and launchers got place in the Play Store.

Android 5.0 or Lollipop has made in the market but like always not all devices get the update alike. Surely you can wait for update but there is no harm in getting a little feel of the material design before hand.

Here are some APKs and links to help you get that feel of the Android you are waiting for…..

Nova Launcher


We begin with changing the icons, for that you need to find nova launcher in the market. Have the latest version where you can easily find the Lollipop theme with some similar features of Android L, for example, you will get Lollipop Circle Folder Animations, scroll indicator, icon themes for calculator, clock, contacts, downloads, email, dialer, settings and SMS apps and a preview of the scroll effects in the settings.




To match the material theme of Android L, Google has given the wallpapers a little touch to blend in with the whole design. Download Wallpapers


Android L Messenger


Google has again gone back the old concept of dividing the messengers into two where one is the common messenger while the other is hangout which can be combined with the normal one from the settings. Just like the whole UI the messenger has received its fair share of material design, its clean and simple. Install Messenger


Soft Keys


The change of soft keys is something that Google has introduced in the new material design which you can easily get by downloading SoftKeyZ from the App Store .Install SoftKeyZ


Android L Sounds

Without the ringtones how will your phone sound like it’s got the new Android working, here is a zip to help you with that.

Download Android L sounds


Android L Keyboard


Thanks to xda developers, who have given us the developer preview of the New Google Keyboard.Its a simple APK which can be installed with ease.Here is a link to have the Lollipop keyboard.


Google Play Store


With all the new material design given to all the apps how could the Google Play Store stay behind.Even tho it was given an update recently but the next update bring the design to a next level. Install Google Play Store

Hope you get the look you are looking for and do share your Lollipop look with us. For questions, comment below.

If you have other recommendations please reply us back!

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