How To Prevent Cell Phone Spying?


These days users of Cell phones are shifting to smartphones in order to ease out and get all features which aren’t present on old phones. These results are revealed by analytic reports from various trusted firms. Even they have added that in some countries or regions smartphones are selling much more than feature phones.

mobile-phone spying

Due to competition in the market space, smartphones are available in the market for the price as low as of feature phones.

Most of the smartphones aka cheap with full features are only available via Android, so its the most popular Phone OS. Now its also obvious that it is attacked by most of the spammers, phone syping and malware bots and others in order to get users’s information. So in order to prevent to get attacked from these peoples or automated bots we’s are going to talk about it. Today we will give you some tips to prevent cell phone spying on both feature and smartphones. So let’s get started by knowing what it can cause.

What Cell Phone Spying can cause: 

  • Can Access to incoming and outgoing messages (phone, text, email),
  • GPS location
  • Can Access phone calls, e-mail, text, multi-media messages and webpage histories
  • Ability to listen to conversations not on the phone but in the location at any time the phone is on
  • Contact data
  • Your secure data like Credit card Number and even its secure code.
  • Much more[divider]

How Spyer Spies your Cell Phone?

Cell Phone spying can be caused by various methods and means:

  • You installed Malware via any Application
  • You followed or clicked trap Links
  • Some one hand helded your device and installed spy software or app
  • Via unsecured WiFi Connection
  • much more[divider]
Now question is 

How To Prevent Cell Phone Spying? 

Cell phone spying can be prevented by various methods which includes from common sense to usage of special spy prevention apps.

  • Install Applications which are real and from trusted firms: Some times we guys install application without thinking like malware app which are  present on both Android, iOS and  every other Mobile Platform.
  • Check permissions that any app requires. Checkout our Applications permissions explained here.
  • Turn Of Connectivity option when not in use: Turn of your Bluetooth, IR , WiFi and GPS receiver when not in use as attacker can use these connectivity option to gain access to your phone.
  • Deleting SMS and MMS:  You can also
  • Don’t handover your Phone to not trusted person.
  • Install Spyware Scanning Softwares or applications in order to scan for spywares on your cell phones. You can install mspy which comes with vast features. You can checkout full mypy features here. There are many others available in the respected app stores and markets.
We hope that this will help you to tackle with Cell Phone Spying.
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