How to Prevent Data Charges on Roaming


When you are on international roaming or in other words are out of your country. The data charges your connection provider loss in are very absurd. And pinch a lot. So in this post there are some ways to could prevent data charges when you are out of country.

Prevent Data Charges on Roaming

Switch Of Data Roaming :
Data roaming costs you extra on your bill when you are on Roaming. The phone then uses data for apps like weather apps and accessing Internet.  So whenever you are out it is better to disable data usage. And you could do that that by going into settings and data usage and simply disable the phones data usage. And if you have available Wi-Fi do consider it and use the wireless network instead of your data. It will not cost you anything and also the battery life lays longer if you use wifi instead of mobile data.

Prevent Data Charges on Roaming

Disable Push Notifications:
Also if you want to cut out the additional data usage of you are using data usage then the best way to do so is to disable the push notifications. Does your phone notifies you of you have a new mail? Well you could manually disable the push notifications of each app by going in the settings and then choosing the app and then un checking the notifications box. But this would be a tedious task of you have a bunch of Apps. Also you could turn off auto sync. You could do that by going into Settings >Accounts & Sync.

Keep a Check and Buy a Plan:
I’d you are using data and we can understand without Internet access one feels a cave man. So if you are using data you should regularly keep a check on the day you have used. And ensure that you have not exceeded the limit you have set to yourself. Also you can consider to buy an international Internet pack when moving out. It can be a good move add the pack would definitely going to cost you less of you use the data without a pack and in that too in another country. Also you could buy a local SIM card of the place you have visited. This would be the cheapest method and workaround if you have to use the mobile detain any case.

Be Wi-Fi Hungry:
Yes turning into an wifi hungry creature would also help the cause of you have to use the Internet. Visit the nearest places like McDonalds and other stores that would give you Internet access along their services. Spend as much time as you want there. And after satisfying your data needs only you should leave. This workaround virtually costs nothing.

So these were some of the things and measures you room take to avoid the huge phone bills you child resource for using the data when your ate on a trip out meeting. I hope this would help you.


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