T-Mobile Set To Launch “Unlimited” 4G Data Plans?


According to leaked internal document it coming out that to tackle most of its rivals T-Mobile is planning to launch Unlimited Data Plans. According to same document its going to land on September 5th. The package costs $20 for “Value” plans — those that aren’t tied to a subsidized device that you purchased directly from T-Mobile — and $30 otherwise. These new unlimited plans are not compatible with T-Mobile’s Mobile HotSpot add-on. But is you want HotSpot facility that you need to use traditional old plans of 5 or 10GB.

T-Mobile is comparing its new plans which is totaling $89.99 a month by adding voice text usage with Verizon’s $110 and $109 of Sprint’s. For T-Mobile, the move is also its latest effort to stem a tide of customer defections over the last several quarters. Existing and New customers are able to enjoy this new plan from T-Mobile.

Source: TmoNews


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