How To Speed Up Android Phone?


speed up android

Various types of Android phones are available in the Market from low end to high end but all of them slows down with time and people choose according to use. There are many advanced ways to speed up Android Phone. But listed below are the steps that are easy to perform.

Monitoring Apps

You need to monitor your apps that are running in the background. These apps ping the network often, single-handedly dragging down handset performance. You can head over to Settings > Applications > Running services to access stats of running background apps. Uninstall these types of Apps if found.

Task Killer

As mentioned above you need to monitor apps. There are various tools in the store which are better known as task Killer to manage apps (if you’re using old versions of Android). This frees up some RAM memory, thus the phone will run faster. Alternatively you can stop them by heading over to the Menu button> Tap Settings > Applications and select Manage Applications> Hit the tab labelled Running> Tap the app you’d like to kill and select the Force Stop option.

Uninstall Unused Applications

If you are not using any App than uninstall it rather than burdening it on phone’s memory. If your phone is starved for internal storage and you can’t spare any of your hard-earned apps, you can try moving them to your SD card instead. This will definitely speed up your Android phone little bit. Manage applications option, found under Settings > Applications > Manage applications.

Battery Boost

boost battery speed up android

You guys know Phone’s performance directly depends upon battery. To boost Battery make some changes like turning the brightness down, the Wi-Fi and Bluetooth off when not in use. You can also check out how to boost life of Battery by installing app.

Replace Launcher

Modified Launchers from HTC, Samsung and other Manufacturers can slow down older devices. There are, however, many simpler replacements available form Play Store that will speed up your general usage.

Processor Speed

Android Overclock is an example of an app that can speed up the processor on your Android Device. These apps should be used  with care, but they can have a positive impact on older and slightly slower hardware.

Widgets and Animations

Everyone love slick weather widgets and fancy live wallpapers. The problem is that these effects tend to use lots of processing power which lags behind the System’s performance. If you have extra widgets on screen than uninstall them but i think its not in respect to Android’s ecosystem’s Independency.

Other include clean your cache, move apps to SD card and last nuclear option is Root your Phone. You can tweak your Android phone in any way you want. So its up to you how it make you happy. What are your suggestion to speed up Android Phone.

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  1. task killers? their benefits are considered mythical since 2.2 froyo. there may be ways to use it correctly but for the most part, your avg joe wouldnt kno which to use and how to use it. in those cases, it can do more harm than good. apps2sd isnt an option for some newer devices anymore (unfortunately). the gs3 for example cant push apps2sd. apps2sd can also slow down your phone if your apps have to constantly refer to an external storage everytime it needs to access files or information.

    • the task killer thing is bullshit. i find it hard to trust this website anymore with this crap their writers pull out

  2. Don’t buy a phone with less than 2G of ram, if you plan to run Android > 4.1. This is the core reason the Galaxy Nexus is a laggy POS.


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