HTC One 2 3D Print Suggests Similar Design


HTC One 2 which is currently in rumors might have the same design as according to the leaked 3D Printout image. The HTC One 2 name is not confirmed but its nicked named for the time being, will look almost exactly like its predecessor.

htc one 2 3d printout

It will have two front speakers that has somewhat become the signature of HTC’s top line. As according to the printout it seems that HTC One 2 will have dual flash or mic will be present on the backside of the devices.

Despite this printout news we also another one. According to the Forbes HTC One 2 not going to be a single device it could be a series of devices.

So there are lot of rumors coming these days about HTC One 2. It seems that HTC is coming with some new product. Stay Connected for More.


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