HTC One M8 Prime Leaked Images Shows Raised Camera Lens


After the Duo-camera technology received its share of criticism on the HTC One M8 and HTC One, there have been high expectations from HTC to get it right in the widely anticipated smartphone, HTC One M8 Prime. HTC One M8 Prime is the higher-end sibling of HTC One (M8).


Recently, leaked photos on HTC One M8 Prime popped up online from popular phone leaker @evleaks. The images show a 360 degree look at the smartphone with several images from different angle.

A zoomed in photo of the device shows a propped-out camera lens, raised higher than the rest of the body. The camera is HTC One M8 Prime too uses duo-camera technology, akin HTC One and HTC One M8.


HTC is expected to make some drastic changes in its duo-camera technology as this technology had received widespread criticism earleir. What do you guys think about the duo-technology? Leave your reviews in the comments below.


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