HTC One X Source Kernel Code Released, Available For Download


HTC One X Source Kernel Code is available for download for all versions of device except that One’s of US. Now users from other networks can use unlocked bootloader except. Recently, HTC launched it’s latest One line of Android powered smartphones. AT&T issued the following statement regarding the matter of bootloader unlocking on the AT&T HTC One X, which went on sale yesterday:

“HTC is committed to listening to users and delivering customer satisfaction. Since announcing our commitment to unlockable bootloaders, HTC has worked to enable our customers to unlock the bootloader on more than 45 devices over the past six months. In some cases, however, restrictions prevent certain devices from participating in our bootloader unlocking program. Rest assured, HTC is committed to assisting developers in unlocking bootloaders for HTC devices and we’ll continue to unlock additional devices in the future.”

HTC has unlocked source code for several regions, including Australia, France, New Zealand, Europe, Taiwan, UK, and others. The source code is available for multiple carriers, including Vodafone, Optus, T-Mobile, Telecom NZ, and many more.

Source: HTC

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