Image: Motorola DVX Spotted At FCC


Here’s again Motorola DVX spotted in the wild at FCC. This time Motorola DVX is spotted in the wild showcasing its front and back. Earlier also many rumored pics were leaked but his time it appears to be the real ones.

motorola dvx

Its also dubbed as the lower cost Moto X. Motorola DVX, the name of the device made a surprise appearance in a Republic Wireless presentation pegging its launch for October.

Today’s information also revealed that its coming to Republic Wireless for an impressive price of just $299 with no contract. Some other leaks also indicate the company’s plans to offer the DVX sometime this October.

motorola dvx 2

Currently we are unaware of any kind of specifications but we concluded some features by looking at its images and FCC detailing as below:

Motorola DVX certified the GSM 850/1900 bands, making it a 3G-only phone compatible with AT&T and most international carriers. there’s no NFC as according to the some FCC papers but it includes a removable backplate, is GSM and WCDMA compatible (no LTE), and is commercialised under the Motorola XT1032, XT1033, XT1035 model numbers.

Other specs are not identified yet. Stay connected with us for more.

Source: FCC


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