Moto Maker Site For Moto X Live Now


Finally, first time in history, customizing your device option is available and you can use Moto Maker site to customize your Moto X device. You can change all its colors, back panel and many other things.

motox maker

Now you can say, “I designed my device and built it” but its not easy to customize colors and back panels as its pretty tough work. Now we can understand what designers have to go through.

In detail you can change its front, back and side panel colors along with the back cover material, can choose storage capacity, add matching accessories, and even link it to your Google account before having it shipped to your door. In total it will take 4 days to ship at your address.

Currently Motorola hasn’t enabled online purchasing , so you’ll need to get a Moto X card from an AT&T store to get started with the process as Moto Maker is exclusive to AT&T.



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