MotoMaker To Come to Verizon Moto X By November 11


According to the superstar tech leaker @evleaks, we can hope the launch of Custom Moto X device through the MotoMaker by November 11. Also November was the rumored time for the Verizon Motomaker to launch for Verizon Moto X.

moto x-motomaker-verizon

Also the Motomaker support for AT&T had been give in August. However there is no visual proof for the report, but as rumored earlier the Motomaker was to come to Verizon in November itself.

For those who actually do not know what Motomaker is, you could check out the Motomaker Site. Motomaker in general is a phone customizing service from Motorola, including all the color combinations you are looking to use for your Moto X. This service had already started for AT&T and now it hit the Verizon. So verizon users can now enjoy their more custom made Moto X.

Read the tweet from @evleaks here.

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