Motorola Skip: NFC Clip That Unlocks Moto X


Here comes a NFC clip for your Moto X, and it helps you unlock the phone remotely with just a single tap. Motorola have started selling Skip, for $20.

Moto x

The Skip appeared in Motorola’s online store along an apparent tie-in for the Motomaker, which is the tool for custom version of the Moto X. It is priced at $20. There is also an instructional page on Motorola’s support website which will link you to the Play Store app, that doesn’t exist yet. And it will be prompted as an add on for Motomaker as well.

The idea really looks non effective, as almost everyone gets the screen unlocked, even with a pattern unlock in less than two seconds of time. So even you like the idea also consider buying some NFC tags, and a Money Clip.

Source: Motorola


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