Discover the Best Rated VoIP Apps on Android

Data connections are used to permit free calls via VoIP. This is an option that may people go for especially if they are after a cheaper mean of communication as compared to the  mobile phone plans offered by different telecommunication networks.  VoIP can be carried out through 3G, 4G, Wi-Fi or Edge interfaces.

best rated voip apps

Using VoIP as a way to communicate also allows you to benefit from other features such as call barring, call forwarding, voice-mailing, etc. VoIP also lets users get hold of cheaper international calls that can be good for business purposes. As a primary requirement, users should avail the services of SIPs like Acanac, Skype, and SMSdiscount. There is wide range of VoIP applications that can be used especially for devices such as Android phone and tablets.

Google Voice

gvoice best rated voip apps on android

Google voice is equipped with technology that permits transcription service and this is one of its key features. This app can transcribe all received voicemails and also sends you SMS using the transcription. Although, this particular can still be improved, it can still be used to interpret the main idea of the message sent.  This free app can be accessed using the web browser. By having an account, you may install the app and configure how it works. You may program it to handle parts of your calls. If you wish to keep your number private, this can also be a good option.

Download: Google Voice

Skype Mobile

skype best rated voip apps

This is regarded as one of the widely-used VoIP solutions. Many people choose to use this as it is free and easy to use. The basic requirement is for both parties to have data connection as well as the Skype software be installed on both devices. Calling someone who does not use this application is likewise possible although there is a minimal charge. This is particularly utilitarian for making international calls as the charges are minimal and reasonable. Skype Mobile has also an advantage over those using the same app on desktop. The file transfer capability is, unfortunately, not available for desktop users. Downloading the software is the first step in using it. Android 2.1 or above is necessary to make it functional.  There is no need to pay anything. Skype can be downloaded for free, and it works not just for Android but in other systems as well.

Download: Skype Mobile

Voxofon Call Abroad

voxofone voip apps on android

This app is particularly useful to those who make frequent calls abroad. The price is cheap and the interface is easy to manipulate. Known as one of the biggest competitors of Skype, this system provides users the flexibility to choose routers or have another service provider carry through the call for a minimal charge.

The contact list on any Android device can be linked with this app which makes calling more efficient. It is important to check, however, that the app is activated before any call is made otherwise it will; be automatically routed using your own service provider. This is very important for those who need to frequently communicate with contacts abroad.

Download: Voxofon Call Abroad

Sipdroid VoIP

post-sipdroid voip apps

This particular app makes video calling possible. It is likewise a good option if you wish to have a cheaper option for international calls without having to use your own service provider. This app is initially developed to work hand-in-hand with SIP provider such as This app is likewise highly compatible with Voipbuster and VoIPstunt.

These are just some of the available apps for Android users that can be of great help in boosting the communication channels of a company. Even a small company can afford to maintain these means of business communication technology.

Download: Sipdroid VoIP

Chiastine Ross
Chiastine Ross
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