Is This The New Droid 5 From Motorola?


Well, there was a golden time when the mix of Qwerty keypad phones and Motorola Droid, but nowadays they are not much to hear. But some recent snaps of a possibly suggesting the next Droid 5 which may or may not be correct. Well if this new leak is a sign of anything, it looks like Motorola and Verizon are getting another one coming. This leak is coming out of New Cell Phones Blog, which shows photos of this 4.3-inch or 4.5-inch droid

neus 5

Some of the rumored features of this model include a water and dust resistant exterior, NFC, and even some wireless charging. As you can see from the above screenshots which reveals that it may include a 5-tier QWERTY keyboard. And for the display we can’t say for sure if is it AMOLED or not. But we hope the revival of Motorola from Google and the next big smartphone, Moto X might help Droid to get a AMOLED Display and also Moto X’s Active Display. It also looks to have on-screen navigation, which is also great, but also different from the DROID Ultra, Ma and Mini. And just at the bottom we can see out the Verizon logo, not quite big we guess.

We might got to see the next droid from Verizon  in Q4, but they are currently flooded with plethora of devices such as G2, Galaxy S4, Galaxy Note 3 (coming soon), Moto X, DROID Ultra, DROID Ma , DROID Mini, and the HTC One.

Will you dare enough to buy it? Do let us in Comments!

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