HTC Butterfly S Battery Results are Here


The latest high end smartphone from HTC really impressed everyone with the benchmark scores it got. it nearly thrashed the Samsung galaxy S4, and the HTC One too. The HTC Butterfly S somewhat shares some of the specifications with the HTC One, but it has a definitely better battery life.

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The 3200 mAh power house is enough to impress us on the paper, but can it beat the older champion the Droid Razr Ma in terms of battery backup. The Butterfly S has a quad core 1.9GHz Snapdragon 600, which is found to be 200 MHz faster than one found in the HTC One. With also a bigger screen, at 5.0 inches with a 1080p display. So ;ets see the reports of the battery tests.

butterfly S battery result


Talk Time :

butterfly s talk time

For the 3G talktime, the Butterfly S landed in the top of the four charts with a score just over than 19 hours. Although it could not beat the 25+ hour score of the Huawei Acsend Mate, but also the Butterfly S does not have a 4000 mAh battery like the Ascend Mate.

Web Browsing :


in the web browsing section the Butterfly S stood on the second position, the first was the Sony Xperia ZR. But there’s a flaw because the Xperia ZR has a 720 p display only. So in the case of the 1080p display phones, the Butterfly S is surely the winner.

Video Playback:

htc butterfly battery results

The video playback test is the test where the results were a bit disappointing. The result was not bad, but not as excellent as the other two results. The Butterfly S offers you a playback time of 9 hours, which is not less even for the longest of trips.

So in a nutshell, talking of all the three results above the Butterfly S stands a good battery life, and offers you a great entertainment. The endurance score of the phone was 81+ hours. Which conveys that the you will have the phone going for about three days, if you do web browsing, 3G calling and Video Playback for an hour each. The battery does a perfect job, but the phone could not beat the Motorola Razr Ma , which has a endurance score of 87 hours.




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