Oppo N1: CyanogenMod Variant set to Debut in December


Few months ago, we got to learn about how CyanogenMod is no more a team; rather it had become a company.  Though, the scenario had already took place early in 2013 , the report was kept secret for while. For which, no one has a certain answer. Everyone(including me) got curious to know how will CyanogenMod will work as a company. But days after, the first milestone was set ; a CyanogenMod variant of Oppo N1. And, today CyanogenMod almost ‘Dashed’ the questions and revealed some of the major specifications.

oppo n1 cyanogenmod

To start off, Oppo has revealed that December is the month when we will get our hands on CM-Oppo N1. The company noted in a press release that this limited edition phone will be available internationally at the same price as regular OPPO N1 devices.

Also, Oppo noted that the CM variant of the device will get extra goodies such as CyanogenMod stickers, unique CyanogenMod packaging, and a specially designed case for the N1 featuring CyanogenMod and OPPO mascots, Cid and Ollie.

To remind you, Oppo N1 was launched back in last month. With awesome specifications which includes 5.9-inch Full HD display, 13MP rotating camera, a rear touch panel, Android 4.2 based Color OS and 3610mAh battery.

If you remember, the CyanogenMod saga is no different than Xiaomi. Both started off as a community of Devs building ROMS which finally they were successful at converting into business. So it would be quite interesting to see if CyanogenMod can be able to follow the same trend or not?

What’s you though on it? Do let us know.

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Limited Edition OPPO N1 to Ship with CyanogenMod
Special OPPO N1 With CyanogenMod Available in December

SHENZHEN – November 8, 2013 – OPPO will be selling a limited edition of their latest flagship device, the OPPO N1, which will ship with CyanogenMod. This special edition of the OPPO N1 will come running CyanogenMod out of the box, which has been customized to support all the unique features of the OPPO N1, and include extra CyanogenMod accessories.

OPPO N1 CyanogenMod Edition
OPPO recently unveiled the OPPO N1, an innovative device outfitted with a large 5.9” HD screen, rotating camera and a rear touch panel. To perfect the OPPO N1 further, OPPO partnered with CyanogenMod, the world’s most popular aftermarket Android operating system, to give users a choice in the software they run on their OPPO N1. A limited supply of OPPO N1 devices will ship running CyanogenMod.

The limited OPPO N1 CyanogenMod edition also comes with extras like CyanogenMod stickers, unique CyanogenMod packaging, and a specially designed case for the N1 featuring CyanogenMod and OPPO mascots, Cid and Ollie.

Non-limited international OPPO N1 devices ship with OPPO’s ColorOS system, and will support the installation of CyanogenMod directly from the OPPO N1 stock recovery without the user needing to root and install a custom recovery. In addition, it will come pre-loaded with CyanogenMod making it easy to flash CyanogenMod directly without downloading or transferring any files.

Unprecedented Partnership
OPPO’s partnership with CyanogenMod marks the creation of the world’s first CyanogenMod hardware product. It is also the first time CyanogenMod has made software customizations for a smartphone manufacturer. The CyanogenMod team has tailored their software to specifically support all of the unique features of the OPPO N1 including the O-Touch back touch panel, O-Click Bluetooth remote control, the revolutionary rotating camera, and also unique features from ColorOS such as double tap to wake and screen-off gestures.

The limited edition OPPO N1 with CyanogenMod will ship internationally in December at the same price as regular OPPO N1 devices.



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