Samsung Foldable Smartphone launch Expected Next Year


Samsung’s flexible displays, flexible batteries, rounded displays, Youm concept and more similar types of projects are running from past few years. Every year we found some foldable device at Major Tech Events from Samsung but until now we haven’t seen a product made available with foldable concept to consumers.

project valley

Well, that wait seems to get over next year as Samsung is expected to rollout Foldable Smartphone in the upcoming year. As per the sources from ETnews, it is believed that Samsung is going to start producing this folding smartphone design by the end of this year, with a launch sometime in 2017.

The foldable device will have 5 inch display when bent and 7 inch when straight. As per our viewpoint, it is going to be really expensive and can be bent into wallet’s shape.

Currently we are just assuming that it would look if produced and is there going to be any buyer? Like these there are several other questions that are going through in every one’s mind.

There’s no verification of this leak from the Samsung’s side but we guess it might be true. As Samsung is already into this foldable device concept from past many years and they have also showcased some foldable or in correct words we can say bent device at CES 2015 and 2014.

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