Here’s Google Apology For Gmail’s April Fool Prank


Yesterday was April 1, which means day of Fool Pranks. As like of every year, Google this year also pranked its users but it went wrong for many users. That much wrong that Google apologised for it.

gmail mic drop

Coming onto Gmail’s “Mic Drop” Prank, they introduced it from yesterday’s Morning. The innocent prank inserted a animated GIF of a Minion doing, what else, but dropping the mic, then muting replies so that you always got the final word. Exactly, this thing did not went smooth as Google was thinking. Few of users even got fired from Job after using this feature.

So after the great backfire, Google dropped the “Mic Drop” from Gmail around mid of the Prank Day. Also, now, they have issued apology to the users for creating ruckus by introducing this prank. The ynot only apologised but took few points to notice which can allow users to know more about “Mic Drop”. Here’s what Google said in an update to original blogpost of April’s Fool Joke:

  • We should have asked you before turning on the feature, and it should have included a confirmation before sending.
  • We didn’t anticipate accidental clicks: “Send + Mic Drop” was too close to other send buttons (“Send” as well as “Send & Archive”), which caused confusion.

And yes there was a bug. It was rare, but possible to press the regular “Send” button and still Mic Drop if you did the following:

  • Opened a new compose window
  • Pressed the “Send & Mic Drop” button with no recipients and saw error message
  • Edited the message by adding message recipient(s)
  • Pressed the regular send button.

What’s your view about this story. Do you think it was Google’s Mistake?SHare your views ia comment box below.


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