Samsung Galaxy Note 4 To Feature 3-Sided Youm Display?


It seems that Samsung is going to debut Youm Displays in the Mobile devices with Samsung Galaxy Note 4. As according to new reports the next Galaxy Note 4 will feature 3 sided Youm Display. If its true than its going to be a great hit as its the first of this kind.

galaxy note 4 with 3 sides

According to the Korean media, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will be the first smartphone to feature Samsung’s already famous “Youm” flexible display. According to this rumor, the Samsung Galaxy Note 4 will feature a three-sided display. On either of its one side there will be slide to unlock feature (vertically) which also seems to be pretty exciting. Also the prototypes that we’ve seen, it looks like the sides can show you notifications like messages and missed calls and other goodies.

These features seems to be very sounding and if these are going to be true than Samsung will gain a lot of folks and money.




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