Samsung To Revamp Its Brand At CES 2013


samsung logo

If we go through Australian Website Channel News, than Samsung is going to revamp, overhaul brand and identity at CES 2013. Samsung’s blue logo will also get changed with some colourful willl take place so that it can represent it globally.

The Channel news sources in Asia claims that a team previously involved with brand development at Nike will be leading the effort, which it says should reinvent Samsung with “a more vibrant, international brand image, Even the advertising will change with products linked to lifestyle activities similar to what Nike does,”

They added that Samsung employees who need more business cards printed have been denied their requests because the new logo is so close to launching.

So guys what you thinking now? Any guess or suggestion for new logo? Something new is coming from Samsung side at CES 2013 so get ready for more explosions in next upcoming days.

And this is not confirmed news but hope it will be confirmed in near future.


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