Things You Might Not Know About The New ‘Moto X’


So finally, the Moto X is out, and we almost know everything about the device including an expected price tag, specifications and much more. So you think you know almost everything about the device, and trying to move on? Stop and get a look over here, we present a list of specifications that Motorola didn’t unveiled officially with the device.

moto x

Moto X Performs Better sometimes than GS4 and HTC One using the same exact GPU!

Well, the Moto X performs better with an 720p display and an awesome GPU for better optimisations but what had been interesting is that in some of the benchmarks Moto X is performing better than it’s other counterpart rivals.

This means that Motorola really optimized everything for the hardware and it’s able to get better animations and gaming performance with the same Adreno 320 GPU. This is what Motorola want to meant  about working with the right components and not the biggest one available.

The Display not as same like in Hereditary Motorola Devices

Motorola is often criticised of using it’s use of PenTile AMOLED displays and with good reason, those displays were awful with bad color reproduction and not-to-sharp edges for fonts and the like. Here for the well being Motorola has opted for an Amoled Display for an better use and for better gaming and viewing experience.

Crystal Talk Presence in Moto X

While many of the  folks even not heard of ‘Crystaltalk’, to be exact it is one of the next-gen technologies in which dual mic noise cancellation and noise adaptive hearing enhancements, this means the phone will hear you better in noisy environments. And with the help of voice-commands you completely gets to master your device.

Almost WaterProof!

While you can’t do an Xperia-Z or Samsung Galaxy S4 Active like things, submerging your device in water , but you can surely bet it is more of an waterproof device which really helps out. Motorola had applied the same coating of waterproof displays as they do with the Motorola over Verzion devices.

Checkout the availability, promo videos, gallery and other features if the device here.


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