Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly Benchmarks


Here’s battle between two new comers, Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly. As we all know that HTC Butterfly’s is first full HD display device launched but depite its display its other hardware is not better than Sony Xperia Z. According to benchmarks, courtesy of eprice, reveals that Sony Xperia Z scores better than HTC Butterfly.

Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly benchmarks

Eprice did many tests using different benchmarking apps like Quadrant, NenaMark, AnTuTu or Vellamo.

Before sharing other details first see the specs of both devices which seems to be quite same on most of aspects. The Xperia Z and the Butterfly have same OS Android Jelly Bean, 5 inch Full HD (1920 x 1080, 441 ppi) displays, quad-core 1.5GHz Qualcomm processors, Adreno 320 GPUs, and 2GB of RAM. They’re almost the same size, although Sony’s device is thinner (7.9mm vs. 9.1 mm).

Currently HTC Butterfly is available in most of the countries while Sony Xperia Z is coming soon. Xperia Z was announced this year at CES 2013 at Barcelona.

So lets begin with AnTuTu Benchmarks Results:

antutu benchmarks Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly

Short below is the Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly Vellamo benchmark result:

vellamo Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly

Octane Benchmark result:

octane Sony Xperia Z VS HTC Butterfly


Despite Hardware there are also some other comparisons with devices design, display, sound and camera. In these competitions HTC Butterfly scored well with two ties and two wins. Overall Sony Xperia Z scored well than HTC Butterfly which is available in different  variants across different parts of world. Its available in Asia as HTC Butterfly and in Japan as Butterfly J. While in US its available as HTC Droid DNA.

For More: Eprice


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