Alleged Xiaomi foldable phone leaks, video gives us a glimpse of it!

As smartphones have lesser bezels than before, the next target for the manufacturers is to bring foldable phones to the marker. Samsung has been working on this technology for years now and the purported Galaxy F is scheduled to release this year. Other companies have also joined this bandwagon in recent years. And now, out of nowhere, an alleged Xiaomi foldable phone leaks in a video.

As you can see from the video tweeted by the popular leaker Evan Blass, the Xiaomi foldable phone has two foldable regions. Which means the phone can be used in three different sizes, unlike Samsung’s two sizes. Though the video seems to be legit, it can be a fake as mentioned by Evan himself. Nothing more is known of the phone except for the fact it is from Xiaomi as the device in the video seems to run MIUI 10.

Smartphone OEMs are trying their best to fit a bigger screen in a smaller body as possible for years now. Finally, we have numerous phones with lesser bezels than ever before thanks to notches, sliders, and motorized cameras. The concept of a foldable phone is now new but it never made to production because of the lack of technology. But now, its possible and there’s already a working foldable phone by Royole Technologies which will go on sale sometime soon.

As CES 2019 is just around the corner, we might get to see more prototypes like this from different companies. Do you think the above video is legit? Let us know in the comment section below.

Sudarshan R
Sudarshan R
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