22,500 LG G2’s Stolen in Indiana


Yes you read it right. A Truck containing 22,500 LG G2 Smartphones was stolen away while it was on it’s way in Louisville, Ky. At around 6:30 pm, driver stooped the truck in a Gary in Indiana for a break, and as he returned the truck was found to be missing.


The truck was carrying about 22,500 LG G2 smartphones which were being taken to the Sprint Stores in Louisville, Kentucky. Also an LG representative confirmed about the matter to  CNET already. The Indiana and Illinois State police have been informed, and they started an investigation with FBI too on the stolen truck.

Although these kind of incidents are not new. But in the recent past, the iPhone has been tried to target, but this time the LG Flagship was under the belt. The LG G2 off contract phone costs around $630 so the truck had about LG G2 phones worth $14 million.

We hope that the thieves are caught soon, cause if not the Indiana market could be seeing cheap LG G2’s flooding it’s way through.


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