5G Field Test Attains 3.6Gbps Data Transfer Speed


It’s astonishing to see this much speed over the air via wireless spectrums. Results of the 5G field test seems very impressive at 3.Gbps.


The large scale field trial of 5G conducted by Huawei has got some final results. We have got 3.6Gbps using a sub-6GHz band – that’s much higher than the 300Mbit/s offered by EE’s LTE-A network.

The test involves the concurrent use of 24 devices on the 5G network. According to Huawei, the average download speed was 1.34Gbps and peaked at 3.6Gbps.

“This joint field trial represents a significant advance toward fulfilling Huawei’s commitment to developing 5G technology standards before 2018. Results like these show we are making rapid progress and are on the right path. I am confident that what we have learned here will be reflected in even more innovative technological advances as we continue working on 5G research.”-Dr. Wen Tong, CTO, Huawei Wireless
“As the first in the world to succeed with such a large multi-user environment test, this is an important milestone. This is very encouraging as the industry works to commercialize 5G by 2020. Both Huawei and DOCOMO teams have made tremendous efforts. I look forward to even more impressive results when we move to the next phase of field trial in Japan.”-Takehiro Nakamura, VP of 5G, NTT Docomo
There’s a lot of work still to do but the signs are promising. 5G has a theoretical top speed of 20Gbps. Usually, you will get lower speed from 20GB on your devices near around 2020.
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