Analyst : Google to Build NEXUS 7 (2014) with LG


It seems like Google is on it’s way to revive and help companies who are on the verge of danger. First it was Motorola, whom Google brought it gave a redesign and it on schedule to launch some of the best Android phones. After that, LG too was helped by Google by launching an Nexus 4 with a joint venture from LG to make a boost in the company’s sales. And, it is also dubbed that Google is going to help HTC by offering them to launch NEXUS 5 or NEXUS 11, which is only a Rumor for now.


Google is reportedly planning to partner with Korean manufacturer and Nexus 4 maker LG to work on the next-generation Nexus 7 tablet (2014) rather than Asus, which has built the original as well as latest Nexus 7 tablets. Which means that LG is going to be helped again if the sales boost fails.

According to Analyst Ming-Chi-Kuo, Google is switching sides for LG’s advanced display design. It’s sister company LG Display is reputed for design display  prowess and it even supplies displays to Apple for some devices. Kuo stated that LG’s access to to both thinner/lighter  and IPS Panels would “narrow” the gap between the Apple and Samsung.

There are no other details now for it, for the 2013 version of it just has been released and would have been on the folk’s mind until some months gets passed or we hit along some new rumors about the device.

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