Android 13 could bring Seamless Updates on all smartphone brands

Ever gotten bored while staring at your Android device while updating? Well, you don’t need to be anymore. Android has decided to support seamless system updates for all the upcoming Android 13 devices including Samsung Galaxy S23. Of course, it is not a new feature and is also not been available on all Android devices before, but there is a reason for it.

android to force seamless update feature in android 13.

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According to Mishaal Rahman’s report, Android 13 will make virtual A/B partitions compulsory for all smartphones. This partition will help to make 2 compartments in the device, where, while one is updating, another one can be in standby mode. Or in simple words, users will be able to use their phones while updating. And the version that users will be using during the process will be the same old version. Once the device gets updated they will be able to switch to a newer one after rebooting.

As already said, this isn’t any new feature and was already seen in Android 7. This sounds like a cool feature but it comes with drawbacks as it requires a lot of space and hardware resources. Since processes like storage partition, downloading the latest updates, running the device keeps running along with other processes takes a lot of effort and even drains the battery.

Well, talking about the disadvantages, then it includes extra time consumption. The issues can also be found on Pixel smartphones.

android to force seamless update feature in their android 13 and future versions.

Android has already tried to make this compulsory on Android 11. But, the storage issue was primary, but Google tried a compressed version of the update which took 0.7GB size more with a compressed virtual A/B system.

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Sadly, only those devices with Android 13 updates will be able to get this.


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