Android Joins the GameCircle Party


For most Android platform users, the start of the second half of 2013 is a good one.  It is because Amazon has allowed GameCircle to be used on all Android-powered devices. It has been about a year since GameCircle has been in the market but was not allowed by Amazon to be used on Android devices. Only Kindle tablets are able to load the GameCircle. But after some talks and bargaining by both sides, the Google-powered operating system can now use Amazon’s GameCircle.


First Thing’s First

We have been talking about GameCircle but we have never defined or elaborated what it really does. In a simple thought, GameCircle is a set of services that was developed by Amazon (originally for exclusive use of Kindle operating system) that includes customer authentication, leaderboard, friends list, achievements, and Whispersync.

Through the GameCircle, game developers will not need to worry about creating a new platform or template for games’ records of top scorers and rewards—some interactive games also require friends list. GameCircle also increases the involvement and interaction of customers. With this, game developers will have more time improving their concepts on gaming and animation as there will be GameCircle that can do the smaller yet important parts of a mobile game.

Some of the early adoptors of GameCircle are Imagini Studio (who developed the famous Temple Run), Spry Fox (developer of Triple Town), and Game House (developer of Collapse as well as Doodle Jump). Today, there are over 500 different titles that supports the Whispersync technology-powered platform.

Before GameCircle

It is, indeed, good news that the Amazon GameCircle is now with Android. But how did Android games survive before? Well, one of the leading social platforms for Android was OpenFeint. It was developed by Aurora Feint who also made the platform available for iOS-operated gadgets. Other substitues include Plus+, Crystal, and Game Center—which were all exclusive to Apple products.

Google also has its own line of application programming interface, the Google Play Services API. Google has recently announced their own version of API last May 2013. Google Play Services pretty much does what other platforms do. Contrary to the first impression, Google’s API is not exclusive to Android developers as Google has decided to allow iOS developers to use it.



Effects on the Android Community

Now the bigger question is,  how will it affect the Android users? The introduction of GameCircle to Android-devices means that all video games available to Android can now integrate the service and begin offering advanced features to its user base. There will also be more choices for Android users to choose from. And because there is a steeper contest in the apps market, we can expect better apps to choose from as developers have to think of genius ways to impress their buyers.

But Wait, There’s More

As Amazon has embraced the Android products, a new feature will be added to improve GameCircle as well. I am talking about Amazon’s Whispersync technology. According to the blog post in the Amazon website, there will be some improvements. First on the list is that Whispersync technology can resolve conflicts automatically between mobile gadgets and the cloud. Second, it will now support queuing updates even if you are operating offline. Lastly, the interface now has a minimalistic and simple interface—this allows fasterintegration that will take only minutes to finish. The blog also said that game data of clients will automatically sync across different devices. This will be a good idea if you use different gadgets to play games with increasing levels. You can pick up where you leftoff regardlessof the device you last used. Genius.

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