Android Studio 3.5 focused on stability and performance released


Back in the initial days of Android, the app development wasn’t so comfy and reliable as it’s today. As you know, the Android Developers used Eclipse IDE then and it had it fair share of demerits. Nonetheless, with the advent of Android Studio IDE specially crafted for the Android, things started to change drastically. Now, the Android Studio is at its 3.5th edition catering improved stability and performance ever.

Obviously, Android Studio isn’t perfect. If you’re an Android developer, you should’ve faced IDE errors for no reason which ruins the app development experience. So Google this time around focused on fixing the bugs and improving the stability instead of throwing new half-baked features which further deteriorate the IDE performance. As its result, the latest Android Studio 3.5 is a different kind of release where the Android Studio team took a step back from large feature work for eight months and instead focused on product quality to further accelerate your day-to-day app development.

Google called the venture as “Project Marble“. The Android Studio 3.5 is a final release which is based on Project Marble. As per Google, the Project Marble initiative has attained maturity with the latest Android Studio 3.5 being stable and reliable than ever before.

It’s not practical to go in detail with the changes and improvements incorporated on the latest release. However, below are the key areas where you could see a noticeable changes.

System Health

  • Memory Settings
  • Memory Usage Report
  • Reduce Exceptions
  • User Interface Freezes
  • Build Speed
  • IDE Speed
  • Lint Code Analysis
  • I/O File Access
  • Emulator CPU Usage

Feature Polish

  • Apply Changes
  • Gradle Sync
  • Project Upgrades
  • Layout Editor
  • Data Binding
  • App Deployment
  • C++ Improvements
  • Intellij 2019.1 Platform Update
  • Conditional Delivery for Dynamic Feature Support
  • Emulator Foldables & Google Pixel Device Support
  • Chrome OS Support

If interested to go through the changes thoroughly, check out the Android Studio release notes page for more details.


Android Studio 3.5: Download page.

If you are using a previous release of Android Studio, you can simply update to the latest version of Android Studio.


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