Android Will Overtake Apple In Tablets Market Faster As Expected Says ABI Research



I think you guys remind the report from IDC which we shared with you saying that BY 2015 Android will overtake Apple iPad market. Recently new report came out which suggest that Android will overtake iPad market before expected time. ABI research added in their report that Android tablets sold 44% over Apple’s 11 % in last quarter. Lack of alternatives in Tablet Market has helped a lot to Android to gain space before due time.

Some advisers also said that Android may get to the top by mid of 2013. But ABI emphasizes that currently iPad Mini is contributing a lot to the iPad sales but ABI says that they can’t analyse iPad Mini impact on Market too early. ABI also stated that if Apple’s Tablet market get s shrinked it might not affect Apple’s financial condition.

Hope that Android will continue the ascent of its Tablets sales in future also by giving out some awesome, top notch features to all devices.

Source: ABI Research

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